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The Sound of Creation

a journey to the roots of vocal & creative healing

Reconnect with your inner artist through interdisciplinary practice of Yoga, meditation, vocal work and artistic expression.

Weekly online sessions

2-hour weekly session that allows a continuous process of inner growth through the arts of life...

The essential workshop

3-hour workshop that is a healing session and a ritual, which provides the essential tools to cultivating inner peace and personal growth...

In-depth workshops

3-day journey that allows a transformative experience through the power of voice and intention...

Private Sessions

Become your own healer!

My main objective as a facilitator is to help you in finding the inner strength to reach physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Yoga, ThetaHealing, vocal work and creativity are some of the tools I bring into the process...

Noam Paz (Ananda) is an interdisciplinary artist and teacher, and facilitates healing and growth processes for individuals and communities. Noam was initiated into the spiritual path at the age of 7, and has been certified as a yoga teacher at the age of 13. Had the privilege of meeting and studying with inspiring teachers from different paths, and getting to know the deeper essence that is intertwined in all of them. A co-creator of ThetaHealing course “The body sings”, that focuses on the heart song technique. Facilitates courses, retreats and rituals in Israel and around the world.

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